Nintendo Direct – 14th Feb. 2019

The 14th February was the day of Nintendo Direct. Nintendo show last news about Switch.

Fire Emblem: Fuukasetsu Getsu

Logo of the new Fire Emblem on Nintendo Switch

Or Fire Emblem: Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon will be release the 26th July 2019. Fire Emblem is a RPG developed by Nintendo & Koei Tecmo .

Two versions of will be available the normal version (around 7538 yen) and the collector edition “Fódlan Collection” (around 10778 yen).

Zelda no Densetsu Yume wo Miru Shima

Logo of the remake of Link’s Awakening

Or The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a remake of the Game Boy version released in 1993.

The game is not dated yet but it will be release during 2019.

Enjoy the difference between GameBoy and Switch version made by a fan.

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker on Nintendo Switch!

The game to make crazy level of Super Mario will be available in Nintendo Switch in June.

Astral Chain

The new game of PlatinumGames on Nintendo Switch will be available the 30th August. Two versions of the game will be release, a normal version (8618 yen) and a collector (10778 yens) with an artbook and an Original Soundtrack CD.

New Amiibo

Nintendo will release during 2019, (probably) a lot of Amiibo. Nintendo announce “Snake from MGS”, “Simon from Akumajo Dracula” and some Pokémon.

To buy Amiibo, click on the title under the picture 😉

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